Ritual Howls

Ritual Howls

Self-titled 12"

Our Self-titled 12" record available on Urinal Cake records

Thanks to Eric at Urinal Cake Records for releasing our album. Recorded and mastered by the band with help from Jeff Navarou. Each record includes a free MP3 download via a special code.

$15.00 + $5 shipping


A view tracks off our Self-titled record



Paul Bancell, Ben Saginaw, and Chris Samuels are RITUAL HOWLS. They are meat machines making noise and sights. Noise with an ebb tide of melody. They collect samples of collisions, scrapings on concrete, pounding metal & oak. Chris Samuels, formerly of DI_SECT, time stretches the samples and sequences them along with the beats. Ben Saginaw, painter of nineteenth century criminals, collector of wandering lines, gives the low end it's grip. Paul Bancell. Words and music. Feral. Leaves claw marks on your soul.